About Us

Pigeon Lake RV
Barb and Elwin Dreichel are the proud owners of the Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort. Barb and Elwin have always loved the natural beauty of the Pigeon Lake area, and it was their dream to own and operate a park that people all over the world could enjoy.

Our Story


Barb and Elwin grew up in the area surrounding the gorgeous Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort. After raising their sons, they knew it was time to fulfill their life’s dream. Knowing the land well, they realized what it would take to turn their dreams into a reality. Shortly thereafter, Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort was born. Working hard to turn the park into a place that people from all walks of life could enjoy, Barb and Elwin spent energy and income to create what you see today.

Pigeon Lake Today


Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort has always provided its tenants with incredible scenery, comfortable accommodations, and superior customer service. Through extensive renovations, however, Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort has transformed into THE place to be for tranquil RV vacationing. The resort now provides fully paved roads right to your lot, septic systems, clean water, and electricity. Within just 10 minutes of 4 of the area’s most popular golf courses, Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort is nothing short of the perfect vacation location.

Why Choose Pigeon Lake?


If you love to go RVing, can’t get enough of the outdoors, and want to own your own piece of heaven then consider choosing Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort. Our smallest lots are 4,200 square feet, and are fully serviced and ready to go. In addition to our large lots, we also provide modern amenities such as Boat & RV storage, fenced and gated community entrances, and landscaped parks. Let Pigeon Lake become your home away from home by purchasing one of our RV lots. Call us today to find out more about our properties.